Dr. Kanafani Interview (video interview)

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Dr. Kanafani Interview (video interview)

Nurse Kimberly interviews Dr. Nadim Kanafani, M.D., a pediatric endocrinologist at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis.

How do Children Get Adult Onset Diabetes?
Obesity and genetic predisposition are both common threads in a child’s development of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes was only previously ever seen in adults, and now children as young as 8 years old are developing this chronic disease.  



What are the Consequences that a Child with Diabetes Type 2 Will Face? Type 2 Diabetes disrupts a child’s development and daily functioning. Children with this chronic disease are placed under unnecessary stress and are forced to grow up too quickly. Some children with the disease take daily oral medications, check their blood sugar multiple times/day, and some even require insulin injections.



Key Advice for Parents with Obese Children. Dr. Kanafani’s #1 key tip for obese families is for them to implement an immediate change in their nutrition. Families need to change the way they purchase, think about, and approach foods and mealtime. And most importantly, it is okay to tell your child NO! 



Childhood Obesity and Exercise. Exercise and activity are a necessary part of being a healthy person. Children should have 2 hours of active play or exercise of some form every day. When children are active they are simply less likely to be consuming calories.  


How to approach making changes in schools that will help the childhood obesity epidemic. Schools understand the common goal of being healthy. However, some schools still allow activities like “doughnut day” that directly compete with the goal of being healthy. Schools need new policies that can better direct them regarding the foods they provide to their students.



Is 100% Juice contributing to obesity? Is Juice healthy for your child? Juices labeled 100% fruit juice actually have more grams of sugar per serving than soda. Juice is falsely perceived as healthy but still promoted by organization like Woman Infants and Children (WIC), as well as through the media. It has been shown that families and indivuals that cut out sugary beverages, such as juice and soda, have had more success with weight loss.



Tips and advice for Parents on Childhood Obesity. Dr. Kanafani suggests a helpful tip for parents called 5-2-1-0. Provide with children with 5 fruits/vegetables, 2 hours of active play, 1 hour of screen time (TV/computer), and zero sugary beverages.



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  1. michelle, 6 years ago Reply

    Excellent interview on such an important topic as childhood obesity. You can tell this doctor and nurse have a good understanding of how devastating this disease is in our country. Children with diabetes type 2 is crazy! Keep up the good work.