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St. Louis CPR | BLS | ACLS | Certification

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ACLS-BLS St. Louis has moved to 44 Meramec Valley Plaza in Valley Park MO 63088 where they provide service to the greater saint louis and western illinois areas. They offer all American Heart Association AHA certified cpr classes. Their classes include certification and recertification in CPR adult, child and infant for health care professionals or better known as Basic more...

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CPR classes | St. Louis MO

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If you are a St. Louis health care provider you are required to have cpr certification by the American Heart Association (AHAA) in Basic Life Support or BLS. Sometimes this is also known as BCLS. This includes nurses and doctors, but also dentists and dental hygienists. Anyone who is in patient contact must be aha cpr certified. In addition, firefighters and paramedics more...

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Closed Angle Glaucoma by Denise Allen

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Would you be able to tell the difference between a migraine head ache and something more serious?  My  sister could not and it almost cost her sight.  She, along with about  30 million people suffer from migraines. The pain from a migraine is usually felt around the eyes and temple area.  Migraines can  include vision disturbances.  She had recently started taking more...

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Use It or Lose It? by Dr. Randy

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Use It or Lose It? by Dr. Randy

You might be wondering if you will lose all of the hard earned endurance and strength gains if you take a break from exercise or have an injury that forces you to cut back.  Quite simply the answer is yes, the loss of fitness is a given.  There are things that can be done to reduce the loss of strength and endurance. It does not take long for the decline to occur. more...

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