Fitness Fun w/ Dr. Randy and Dr. Britt

Hi Parents,
We are dedicated to find ways to keep you and your kids moving (and to be excited about moving) through the use of games and activities.  Look for new games/activities to participate with your children each month, along with a description of what physical skills they enhance as well as the relationship to cognitive learning. Additionally there will be tips for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Dr. Randy

Hello!!!  Dr. Randy here and I want to educate you on how to have Fun with Fitness.  I have been teaching health education as a university professor in health education since 2005. I am an ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist and a Certified Health Education Specialist. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Sports Medicine from Southeast Missouri State University, Master’s degree from Indiana State University in Exercise Science and PhD in Community Health Education from The University of Tennessee.  Fitness and health is what I teach and what I strive to achieve.  Like Dr. Britt I have been active all of my life, participating in sports from youth into college. Since college it has been tough to maintain an active lifestyle with everything that happens in the “real world”. I will share with you what I have learned in my studies, work experience and used personally.

Dr. Britt My Family Plate

Hello, I am Dr. Britt.  As a Physical Education teacher, movement is an extremely important aspect of my life.  I have been a Physical Education – Teacher Education  professor since 2005.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics and management from Albion College, Master’s Degree in Physical Education Pedagogy from Western Michigan State University and my PhD in early childhood education from Walden University.  I have always been active, as an athlete in High School, college and now as an adult competing at the highest levels.  I was the Michigan High School state champion in swimming, in college I was a national championship qualifier in Swimming and Track.  After college I have continued to be active by completing a marathon, half-ironman triathlon and a full Ironman Triathlon in 2010.  Movement is what I teach, do and live.




Britton Johnson, PhD
Randy Bergman, PhD


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